Weeks = 30, Adventures = 28 | The Chiropractor

So, several months ago, I did something to my back and I am not sure exactly what I did, but regardless of how much I slowed downed at the gym, my back stayed weak and irritated.  Finally, one day when I was reaching into the dryer and my back seized, I decided I had enough.  I had enough of not being able to sit without pain, enough of not being able to lift at the gym, enough of having to walk with very rigid posture.  I had enough.


Weeks = 29, Adventures = 27 | Turner’s Circus

For years I have heard a rumor that Louisville has a home-grown circus.  I can honestly say that I didn't really believe it was true.  And if it was true, what kind of caliber could it be?  So on a random Friday night, my friend Christina and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do... I took to google to see what was going to be happening that weekend and came up Turner's circus.  I didn't actually know anyone who had been to Turner's Circus, the closest I came was a friend's ex-fiance's new wife was a performer of the circus.  Regardless of not knowing anyone who has ever attended Louisville's original circus, I figured it would be a fun adventure.


Weeks = 28, Adventures = 26 | Vegan Supper Club

So, I am very much an omnivore.   I eat vegetarian several days a week, but I think I would really struggle to go full on vegetarian - I really like steak and cheese burgers.  Really like 'em.  But as you may have deduced, I am fairly food adventurous.  I love to cook and on many occasions I have gone vegan in my cooking endeavors.  My favorite vegan cook book is Thug Kitchen - if you are vegan, you've heard of them.  If you aren't, I highly recommend you give them a try.  You wont go wrong.