Weeks = 29, Adventures = 27 | Turner’s Circus

For years I have heard a rumor that Louisville has a home-grown circus.  I can honestly say that I didn’t really believe it was true.  And if it was true, what kind of caliber could it be?

So on a random Friday night, my friend Christina and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do… I took to google to see what was going to be happening that weekend and came up Turner’s circus.  I didn’t actually know anyone who had been to Turner’s Circus, the closest I came was a friend’s ex-fiance’s new wife was a performer of the circus.  Regardless of not knowing anyone who has ever attended Louisville’s original circus, I figured it would be a fun adventure.

So after dinner and drinks, we headed to the circus.  Which was on the 2nd floor of a run down building on River Road that shares the parking lot with a boat salvage yard. And I am not kidding.  But regardless, of the odd setting, the place was packed!  Totally packed.  My skepticism increased as we walked up and meandered our way upstairs to the circus where a good 200 people were crammed onto old high-school bleachers.  Shortly there after, the program began.


Folks, from little bitty kids to individuals in their 60s worked their way on stage for dancing and a wide assortment of acrobatics all set to a Scooby Doo esque theme.  It felt like a glorified dance recital, which I guess in a way it was.  Apparently Turner’s is a gym that teaches acrobatics and tumbling and highlights the groups accomplishments with the circus.  I dont know about ya’ll, but I have never been a real fan of recitals.  They leave something to be desired for me.  But I will say, the tumbling and acrobatics were incredibly impressive – they climbed scarves, hung on rungs, jumped through things, made human towers … I was amazed at the strength and agility.  The scripting though, was not the best that I have heard!

Even though the acrobatics were impressive, my friend and I were both ready to leave by intermission.  Buts were numbed from sitting on the hard seats and the script had become a lot to swallow.

For me, one trip to Turner’s will suffice and I dont see my self heading back unless for some reason niece or nephews decide to join the circus.  Who knows, it may happen!

Night all!


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