Weeks = 30, Adventures = 28 | The Chiropractor

So, several months ago, I did something to my back and I am not sure exactly what I did, but regardless of how much I slowed downed at the gym, my back stayed weak and irritated.  Finally, one day when I was reaching into the dryer and my back seized, I decided I had enough.  I had enough of not being able to sit without pain, enough of not being able to lift at the gym, enough of having to walk with very rigid posture.  I had enough.

The next day I started researching stretches to open my back – it helped some, but not enough.  So I figured that I would try a chiropractor to see if they could help me out.  Something to note about this I have always been very anti-chiropractor – how can it be good to have someone jerking your bones around especially close to you spine?  I mean really, how is this  a good idea?!

But I was desperate, and was willing to give it a try.  I solicited recommendations from friend’s, co-workers, and family members that have a tried a chiropractor started calling and looking for an appointment with the first person that could fit me in.  So I made my appointment and went in about a week and a half later.

I really had no idea what to expect.  For those of you like me, here is how it went like me for me – we did some sort of assesment, took x-rays and then the doctor that did the assessment  and others in the practice regrouped to see if they could help.  They felt like the could help me, so I came in about a week later for my first adjustment.  I laid on a moving table aimed at opening up my low back and reliving pressure, they then contorted my back while I as in various positions it felt weird, but not bad.  But then it came to the adjusting my neck – and honestly, I had a hard time relaxing enough for that to really work – ended up with more sore muscles than I started with.  The treatment ended up with stem treatment to loosen tight muscles (which I have plenty of!).

How did I like it?  My back felt better afterwards and is still feeling better, which I am glad of, but it is still not back to normal aka back to how it was pre-injury and I have been going consistently for almost 2 months now.  I will be really really glad when I get back to doing things without having to worry about potential pain or injury.  I am getting impatient with how long it is taking, but I am told this is normal. Hopefully its normal and I am not getting take for a ride.

So … I have tried the chirporactor, and am still trying the chiropractor.  I am not sure I am all gung-ho on chiropractors, but I do feel that it has helped me.

Later friends,


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