Weeks = 28, Adventures = 26 | Vegan Supper Club

So, I am very much an omnivore.   I eat vegetarian several days a week, but I think I would really struggle to go full on vegetarian – I really like steak and cheese burgers.  Really like ’em.  But as you may have deduced, I am fairly food adventurous.  I love to cook and on many occasions I have gone vegan in my cooking endeavors.  My favorite vegan cook book is Thug Kitchen – if you are vegan, you’ve heard of them.  If you aren’t, I highly recommend you give them a try.  You wont go wrong.

But while, I may enjoy vegan cooking, it never really occurs to me go to a vegan restaurant.  As unfair and irrational as it is, the idea of a vegan restaurant has not really  been that appealing to me.  I am not sure why – I like vegan food, so what wouldn’t I like a vegan restaurant?  For some reason though, I couldn’t get past the idea of bland lukewarm food that is a part of the “raw” movement.  It draws up images of the Sex and the City episode where they go to a raw restaurant and have lawn in a bowl.  Why this association?  No clue.  Why would I equate raw food and vegan food?  Really no clue.

As odd as my association may be, when my cousin suggested that I join her at a Vegan Supper club – I jumped at the chance.  The supper club is a monthly event that is hosted at a communal chef space in the West End (rougher end of Louisville) by a couple that runs a local vegan food truck, V-Grits.  Every month, they host a supper club for around 30 people, and each month the event is centered around a different type of ethnic food.

Thankfully for me, we headed to the supper club for Greek night.  I LOVE Greek and Mediterranean food, LOVE IT.  Humus and taziki and gyros and grape leaves  … yum-o!  What is there not to love about Greek food in whatever form it came in?  From my perspective?  Nada.

My cousin and I enjoyed a delicious 3 course vegan meal – salad and grape leaves to gyros and veggies and lentil soup to baklava … every course better than the last.  The food was delicious and the company was a lot of fun as well.  We were randomly seated at a table with a friendly older couple and a younger couple that personified the vegan stereotype.  when we first sat down i was a little worried about how quiet the younger couple was, for me there isn’t much more awkward than having dinner with people who don’t want to have a conversation.  While it started off slow and quiet, the conversation did pick up and they were able to give me some good ideas for future events – anyone up for a drum circle?!

While I haven’t made it back to a V-Grits supper club since Greek Night, I hope to make it back out there before too long.  Additionally, I will be sure to check out the restaurant they are opening in June.  If Greek night was any indication its going to be delicious!  Let me know if you want to come with! 🙂

‘Til next time,



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