Weeks = 31, Adventures = 29 | 18 Layer Cake

For about a year now, I have been wanting to try a recipe I saw on Southern Living's website for an 18-layer cake.  18 layers of homemade goodness in the form of yellow cake, but layered with plenty of delectable chocolate icing.  But the kick is, there aren't too many occasions for making an 18-layer cake - it's a lot of work and you need to be feeding a lot of people who really like sweets,  Finally, this Easter, presented the perfect opportunity with most of the folks from my mom's side of the family gathering to celebrate.


Weeks = 28, Adventures = 26 | Vegan Supper Club

So, I am very much an omnivore.   I eat vegetarian several days a week, but I think I would really struggle to go full on vegetarian - I really like steak and cheese burgers.  Really like 'em.  But as you may have deduced, I am fairly food adventurous.  I love to cook and on many occasions I have gone vegan in my cooking endeavors.  My favorite vegan cook book is Thug Kitchen - if you are vegan, you've heard of them.  If you aren't, I highly recommend you give them a try.  You wont go wrong.


Weeks = 24, Adventures = 23 | Avocado and Black Bean Brownies

So my next adventure was a culinary adventure.  For years I have heard people talk about black bean and avocado brownies.  The recipes have been all over Pinterest, but i have been hesitant to try it out.  I mean, how can a brownie be a brownie if it is made with avocado and black beans?  My friend Lisa swears that they are awesome, healthy brownies and while I fundamentally disagree that brownies cans should be healthy, I was willing to give it a try in an effort to meet the chocolate craving and be slightly healthier.

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Weeks = 20, Adventures = 20 | Macaroons

So my 20th adventure was a bit of a flop, maybe more than a bit.  I took a macaroon baking class, and in general I am good in the kitchen, but these macaroons were gross and ugly.  They were little the undesirable of the undesirable.  Usually, when I make something that is visually unappealing, I can comfort myself that it still tastes good.  That was not the case with these macaroons.  I cannot begin to describe how gross they tasted.  I don't know if we somehow messed up the batter or if my filling/shell ratio was off, or if I am just not a macaroon person.


Weeks = 15, Adventures = 15 | Gasthaus

Week 15's adventure was a culinary adventure, again of the German persuasion.  Apparently, I am on a theme right now.  🙂 There is a restaurant here in town that is supposed to be amazing.  That I have heard friends rave about for years.  It's an authentically German restaraunt, where the desserts are made from scratch daily and the food is served by the owners and family of the owners.  A place that requires reservations made near a week in advance. Gasthaus, the restaurant in question, has been a place I have wanted to go to for years, but never quite got around to making the reservations.  So this Christmas, one of my oldest friends, Amanda, and I headed to Gasthaus for dinner.  Amanda and I were roommates in college our senior year, along with our friend Julie.  As we all have gotten older and life has gotten busier, and as I am sure you all can relate, we dont see each other as much as we used to or would like to.  So having time for a leisurely and delicious dinner was a special treat for this holiday season.