Weeks = 15, Adventures = 15 | Gasthaus

Week 15’s adventure was a culinary adventure, again of the German persuasion.  Apparently, I am on a theme right now.  🙂

There is a restaurant here in town that is supposed to be amazing.  That I have heard friends rave about for years.  It’s an authentically German restaraunt, where the desserts are made from scratch daily and the food is served by the owners and family of the owners.  A place that requires reservations made near a week in advance.

Gasthaus, the restaurant in question, has been a place I have wanted to go to for years, but never quite got around to making the reservations.  So this Christmas, one of my oldest friends, Amanda, and I headed to Gasthaus for dinner.  Amanda and I were roommates in college our senior year, along with our friend Julie.  As we all have gotten older and life has gotten busier, and as I am sure you all can relate, we dont see each other as much as we used to or would like to.  So having time for a leisurely and delicious dinner was a special treat for this holiday season.

Over the years, we have changed a little … from care free kids … to super busy, grown up adults! 😉  Arent we adorable!

One thing that hasn’t changed, is the friendship and connection; and hopefully that is something that will never change.  We may be older, hopefully we are wiser, but none the less I am grateful to have her in my life!

Any way, we had an amazing night, with insanely delicious food.  If you are ever in Louisville, you need to check out Gasthaus.  We ate and ate and ate.  I had a cheese soup as a first course, followed by some sort of fried beef with an egg on top, finished off with an insanely delicous home made eclair.  Oh my goodness, was it good.  Every course was better than the next.

So I a not really a food photography person, but I ws told I needed to have some food photo’s for this post!  The eclair was massive!  It could have easily served 2 people, but Amanda and I were more ambitious than that – I loved my eclair (and took half home) and Amanda had some sort of delicious strawberry napolean and it was also insanely delicious!

Dining at Gasthaus provided a dining experience, where you dont feel like you are being rushed out.  You can linger and chat and simply enjoy your dinner and the company.  Should you make it to Gasthaus, and you should, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, should you go:

  1. Reservations are crucial.  You dont have a reservation, you don’t get a seat.
  2. You have to call for a reservation, they do not do online
  3. Save room for dessert, you will want  dessert once you see how amazing they look – and they taste better than the look
  4. Order your dessert at the start of your meal – once they are gone.  You really dont want to end your night in tears because of how sad you will be by missing one of the desserts.

So my culinary adventure this week was a raging success – amazing food and fabulous company.  Gasthaus is definitely on my list for a revisit and I for sure will be partaking in dessert.  I may even just swing by and buy dessert without dinner, though, dinner was amazing, so that probably will not happen… I think dinner’s a must.

So, the moral of this week’s adventure – be open and always try new restaraunts, especially restaraunts where the food is made with homemade family recipes by the actual family members. You cannot go wrong!


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