Weeks = 17, Adventures = 16 | New Albany and Pride Bar

I am off again on my adventures – I lost one week due to a combination of work craziness and laziness.  But I am on the path to catching back up!  My latest adventures was a little random but ended up being a ton of fun.

I have lived in Louisville for most of life, and I can honestly and rather pathetically say that I have never been across the river to New Albany, Indiana.  The towns are literally less than a mile apart, and some how on every river crossing, I managed to drive right past and never stop in and visit New Albany – a cute small time town right across the river.  Sad right?

So what took me to New Albany for my first ever visit?  Well, it was cold Wednesday night and my friend Kate had won a $25 gift card to a gay bar in New Albany.  While neither Kate nor I are lesbians, and Kate is in fact happily married, we piled in Foxy and headed across the bridge to scope out Pride Bar.  I have been to several gay bars over the years, and while that part of the adventure was not new, the fact that I was off to a girls night out in New Albany pulled this to the front of my adventures for the week.

After checking into the bar and ensuring in fact that the bar was open, we make the trek, only to find out we read the website wrong and they were not yet open.  While we waited, we visited a local restaurant for a cocktail – Brooklyn and the Butcher – and had finely crafted cocktails and spent some time walking around downtown New Albany which was beautifully decorated for Christmas.


After visiting Brooklyn and the Butcher and strolling down Main street, I really cannot figure out why I had never been there before!  My time in New Albany only continued to improve once we finally made it to Pride Bar … a totally deserted bar with ridiculously cheap drinks and an extremely colorful bartender.

On a night that Pride Bar is filled and bustling I can imagine it would be an incredibly fun place.  But even on a fun and crowded night, I think spending $25 on cheap drinks would require an Uber/Lyft ride home and a leisurely day the next to recuperate; we do not bounce back in our 30s like we could manage in our 20s!  One the cold Wednesday night were out, we couldn’t even come close to spending $25, after all we both had to go to work the next day!  Even with work the next day, we were able to partake in some tasty vodka soaked gummy bears – man oh man they were tasty!

Even though we didn’t manage to spend our $25, we had an amazing time chatting it up with the bartender, Warren – an amazingly eccentric man in his 70s that co-owns Pride Bar.  He was an incredibly chatty man who talked pretty much non-stop the entire time we were there.  We heard his life story – some likely real, some questionable – stories ranged from his career as a professional piano player, his battle with cancer, and his experience with some sort of chemical poisoning.  Once the more colorful personal stories slow down we were treated to countless tales of the going ons at Pride Bar.

I am not sure whether or not his tales were true, but I really don’t think that matters as Warren clearly believed the stories he was telling and he told them with amazing flair!  We finally had to cry uncle, or really work to put an end to the stories and head home.

While our first experience at Pride Bar was on the mellow side, I suspect Kate and I will work our way back there some time soon, for laughter, dancing, and (safely) enjoying one to many adult beverages!

We had an amazing and adventurous night filled with exploring (a portion) of New Albany, laughter, and friendship.

Hope you all are well!


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