Weeks = 24, Adventures = 23 | Avocado and Black Bean Brownies

So my next adventure was a culinary adventure.  For years I have heard people talk about black bean and avocado brownies.  The recipes have been all over Pinterest, but i have been hesitant to try it out.  I mean, how can a brownie be a brownie if it is made with avocado and black beans?  My friend Lisa swears that they are awesome, healthy brownies and while I fundamentally disagree that brownies cans should be healthy, I was willing to give it a try in an effort to meet the chocolate craving and be slightly healthier.

So, when a recipe again crossed my Pinterest feed, I decided to break down and give it a whirl and needless to say it was interesting experience.  So while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t quite a brownie, but it did help satisfy the chocolate craving.  Additionally, it wasn’t so tasty that I wanted multiple brownies – 1 was enough.  Which for someone with the sweet tooth of 6 year-old that’s a very good thing!  It was creamy and rich and chocolate-y, but not quite the right texture for a brownie.  It could be may fault, I may not have blended my black beans long enough for them to fully incorporate – which in itself is a little gross.

Will I try black bean, avocado brownies again?  Probably.  But I will implement the following lessons:

  1. Definitely use the food processor and blend the crap out of the brownie mixture
  2. Make sure your avocado is ripe
  3. Ensure you bake them long enough

So, not much to say on this post – sorry for the lame-ish entry, but for the 1 or 2 of you that reading, thanks for bearing with me on this one!  It turns, out there isn’t too much to say about my trial of avocado black bean brownies.

Until next time,


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