Weeks = 23, Adventures = 22 | Psychic Fair

Okay – i have told you before, and I will tell you again, i am clearly not a writer.  Hence the reason I am MONTHS behind on my posts while only being a little behind on my adventures.  I am working over the next week to really catch up, I think I have 8 readings to catch up on, so please bear with me!  I am committed to seeing this through to the end – I don’t want this to be something else I give up on mid project.

So … my 1st adventure to catch you up on is my psychic reading from …. mid January.  (Face Palm)

I have never had a true psychic reading before and to be honest psychics scare me a little.  Okay, more than a little.  A couple of years, ago I had my first attempt at psychic was with my coworker Susan and it was a comical experience.  My session started with the psychic asked about my husband … I am not married, have never been married, and have never even come close.  So needless to say I didn’t put too much stock (if any) in what she had to say.  So, when my friend Christina recently asked if I was interested in going to a psychic fair in Lexington, I was hesitant, but eager to see if I could improve on my prior psychic experience.

So back to my fear of psychics … what am I afraid of? I am terrified that they will tell me I am destined for a horrible life without love and family and friends and anything fun.  Ridiculous I know, because psychics make money by telling you good things so you want to come back.  So, I am going to go ahead and confuse matters even further by telling you that I actually do believe that there are some real psychics out there.  I know, I know, I know.  I recognize that the vast majority are frauds, but I firmly believe that there are too many unknowns in this world for me to rule out anything entirely.  Including psychics.  I know those of you that know me are probably thinking … “really, Allie?  Really?!  You are educated woman… how can you believe that?!”.  And I get it, I really do, but alas I do believe! And, while I am confessing my odd beliefs, I will go ahead and tell you that I also believe in ghosts and angles… 🙂

So anyway, on a cold January day, Christina and I trucked it down to Lexington to meet our psychics.  At the fair, there were tarot card readers, palm readers, herbalists, folks with oils, Reiki masters, crystals, massage therapists, and all sorts of fun mystical stuff.  Christina, met with someone who told her an amazing story about her spirit animal and all sorts of fun stuff.

For my first session, I opted for an adjustment, which sadly, I must report that I don’t feel like I noticed any benefits.  I told her my pain points are my back and neck – I have a weak lower back (okay, I guess a really weak core that corresponds to a weak lower back) and like most women, I hold all my stress in my neck.    So, I was really excited to see if it could help, but alas, nada.  What I did find interesting about this session, is that she commented that something is out of synch with my stomach, a comment that was echoed later on by my psychic reading.

The best part of my adjustment was that the reflexologist partnered with a woman who was selling creamed honey.  Have you ever had creamed honey?  I am going to guess, no – prior to the fair, I had never even heard about it.  If you were like me and a creamed honey novice, you need to rectify that immediately – it is AH. MAZ. ING!  So creamy (duh) and delicious!

After my adjustment, I wandered around and spent too much money on essential oils (which I am now a firm believer in – I really just diffuse and it may be psychological, but I would say they help) and got ready for my psychic reading.

The reading, for me, was the reason for the trip and it was an experience.  I liked the lady I am met with and even to this day I have no real opinion on her legitimacy or lack there of, but it was an experience.  Over the course of 45 minutes we covered tarot cards, palm readings, and crystals.  Was the reading scary?  Nope, it was (of course) overwhelmingly positive (I am not sure why I was worried, but alas I was), and here is the gist of what I heard:

  • My heart has a block on it (duh, i am single and 33, I have inevitably been through the dating ringer)
  • I will meet the man of dreams this year – late spring, early summer (insert eye roll) and he will be:
    • Tall with dark hair/eyes, and an ethnic vibe (another eye roll)
    • A recent divorcee
    • Will not have kids
  • I will be taking a new job this year, this job will ultimately lead to a move to another city – she thinks southern
  • I will have 1 child, maybe more
  • My health, and the health of my family looks good
  • There is something in my diet that does not agree with my stomach and intestines

So, nothing super earth shattering, but still fun to hear.  What I found to be the most intriguing was the job component.  It seemed the most unusual and less stereotypical.  So who knows … maybe a new job is in store for me this year!

Any way, my jaunt to Lexington with Christina was a lot of fun and an experience i am glad I have had.

Would I do a psychic reading again?  Most likely, but it definitely wouldn’t be a routine event.  It is not that affordable for something I perceive as entertainment.

Would I buy essential oils again?  Totally.  I am finding myself diffusing in my home multiple times a week for relaxation, congestion, concentration – really a whole assortment of things!

Would I buy creamed honey again?  instantly. I am telling you, it is super tasty.  Try it.

Would I do an adjustment again?  Eh.  Probably not outside of a massage or chiropractor visit.

So, thanks for bearing with me and thanks for reading – glad you are here (and glad I am back in the groove of getting caught up!).

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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