Weeks = 26, Adventures = 25 | Rain Delay

Have you ever participated in a Polar Plunge?  Do you know what a Polar Plunge is?  Well, in Louisville, its when you jump into the Ohio river in February.  Why?  For charity.  In Louisville, you pay at least $70 to jump into the freezing cold Ohio river and all proceeds are donated to the Special Olympics of Kentucky.

My friend Brandon, participates every year in the Polar Plunge with students from the school he teaches at and this year I thought I would join.  Buy alas, Mother Nature did not want to cooperate – the week prior to the plunge it rained and rained and rained.  First the plunge was moved from the river to a portable pool due to dangerous river conditions.  Then it was supposed to rain some more – enough that they even had to cool off the pool component of the plunge.  I promised i tried to attend my adventure but Mother Nature didn’t want that to happen!  Instead she dumped 5 inches of rain in less than 6 hours … I am seriously not kidding.  It POURED!

I guess Special Olympics made the right call that weekend, huh?  That weekend, the river flooded more than I have ever experienced in my life!  The picture above was taken outside of my house and I don’t live close to the river…

Until next time!



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