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Weeks = 25, Adventures = 24 | Mud Baths

So, In February I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and Napa to help one of my sister celebrate her 40th birthday.  It was my second trip to San Fran in 4 months and I still love the city as much as I did the last time that I went.  There is something about the energy of the city, the enthusiasm of city, the friendless of the city ... any way, you get the point, I love San Francisco.  If it was for the insane cost of living in San Fran (how do people afford to live there?) and all my family being in the midwest, I would seriously be considering a move. But, San Fran is not the subject of this blog post, mud baths are. I have been wanting to try a mud bath for AGES!  Ever since I saw and episode of Rizzoli and Isles, where Jane (Rizzoli) and Maura (Isles) were having a girls day luxuriating in outdoor mud baths while drinking in wine and taking in amazing scenery.  It looked so glamorous and relaxing and grownup that I have wanted to try a mud bath ever since.  I guess I am fairly susceptible to advertising and the media...


Weeks = 23, Adventures = 22 | Psychic Fair

Okay - i have told you before, and I will tell you again, i am clearly not a writer.  Hence the reason I am MONTHS behind on my posts while only being a little behind on my adventures.  I am working over the next week to really catch up, I think I have 8 readings to catch up on, so please bear with me!  I am committed to seeing this through to the end - I don't want this to be something else I give up on mid project. So ... my 1st adventure to catch you up on is my psychic reading from .... mid January.  (Face Palm) ... I have never had a true psychic reading before and to be honest psychics scare me a little.  Okay, more than a little.  A couple of years, ago I had my first attempt at psychic was with my coworker Susan and it was a comical experience.  My session started with the psychic asked about my husband … I am not married, have never been married, and have never even come close.  So needless to say I didn’t put too much stock (if any) in what she had to say.  So, when my friend Christina recently asked if I was interested in going to a psychic fair in Lexington, I was hesitant, but eager to see if I could improve on my prior psychic experience.  


Weeks = 19, Adventures = 19 | Floyd Street Stock Exchange

My next adventure took me to a live auction - have you ever been to one?  Before Thursday, I had not either and I gotta say, it was shockingly fun!  My favorite part, was getting to use the card with my auction number.  And no, I am not joking.  I gotta tell you it was fun to philosophically think about raising your paddle, and then raise it all nonchalant, while internally being super excited and nervous about bidding on your item!


Weeks = 17, Adventures = 16 | New Albany and Pride Bar

I am off again on my adventures - I lost one week due to a combination of work craziness and laziness.  But I am on the path to catching back up!  My latest adventures was a little random but ended up being a ton of fun. I have lived in Louisville for most of life, and I can honestly and rather pathetically say that I have never been across the river to New Albany, Indiana.  The towns are literally less than a mile apart, and some how on every river crossing, I managed to drive right past and never stop in and visit New Albany - a cute small time town right across the river.  Sad right?


Weeks = 14, Adventures = 14 | Foxy

About two month ago, I embarked on an unintended adventure.  On a dark and windy night, I was venturing home from my cousins on a curvy, low-traveled country road when out of nowhere a young buck emerged from the woods.  And I am not talking about a young handsome man, I am talking about a male deer.  A male deer that emerged from the woods and challenged me to a game of chicken.  A game of chicken that neither the deer or my 13 year-old Corolla won. On that dark and windy night, my faithful old car, Belle took her final ride and the deer became dinner for a very nice man who kept me company at a near by gas station while I waited for my parents to come and pick me up.  Thankfully, I was able to brace enough for the impact that I did not lose control of my car and careen off the road, but I was not able to slow down enough to totally avoid the deer.