Weeks = 19, Adventures = 19 | Floyd Street Stock Exchange

My next adventure took me to a live auction – have you ever been to one?  Before Thursday, I had not either and I gotta say, it was shockingly fun!  My favorite part, was getting to use the card with my auction number.  And no, I am not joking.  I gotta tell you it was fun to philosophically think about raising your paddle, and then raise it all nonchalant, while internally being super excited and nervous about bidding on your item!

The Floyd Street Stock Exchange holds an auction on the first Thursday of every month, so its been a while since I was there (considering I went in January, its been a really long time), but I had a lot of fun.  The auction covers a wide spectrum of items – kitchen ware to lighting to furniture to decorations.  Some things are new some are old and would require some refinishing and up-cycling.  As the auction starts, they start with the smaller items and work their way up to the larger pieces.  I am surprised at how slow and fast the auction went at once – that will probably only make sense if you ever go, but it was quick and slow at the same time.  But they did through thousands of pieces once you look at the entire picture.  THOUSANDS of items!

For me, the most interesting thing about the auction, was how much crap people buy.  I was amazed.  Do they have a purpose in mind for the stuff they buy?  Are they going to resell it?  Are they hoarders? Who needs 20 ice cream bowls?  Do they have some kind of amazing vision of how to improve and enhance what ever they have bought?  I just don’t get it.  Some of the stuff, I wouldn’t have even donated, I would have just dumped it in the trash.  But alas, all the stuff was sold – some more expensive than others.

So as we made our way around the room, we approached the items I was interested in.  Item 1 – retro trays that would look super cute on my sun porch.  But alas, when it came around, I needed to buy 2 trays and I couldn’t imagine what I would do with 2 trays.  I semi regret this decision, they were really cute trays.  But maybe next time!  Next, we got to the piece I actually one … are really cute, semi retro standing mirror.  I am so excited with my mirror, every day I look at it, even a month later, I still love it!

By the time the we got close to my 3rd item, a standing trio of baskets that would have looked really cute in my kitchen or sewing room, I was too tired and was ready to head out.  So, I left my cute baskets there, with the hope that they will be back at an auction in the future.  One can only hope!

So, if you ever get the chance, you should check out an auction.  The paddle is a lot of fun and it’s really neat to see how different people identify their diamond in the rough.

And who knows, maybe I’ll see you at the next stock exchange.  Those baskets are still calling my name…

Happy Monday!


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