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Weeks = 25, Adventures = 24 | Mud Baths

So, In February I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and Napa to help one of my sister celebrate her 40th birthday.  It was my second trip to San Fran in 4 months and I still love the city as much as I did the last time that I went.  There is something about the energy of the city, the enthusiasm of city, the friendless of the city ... any way, you get the point, I love San Francisco.  If it was for the insane cost of living in San Fran (how do people afford to live there?) and all my family being in the midwest, I would seriously be considering a move. But, San Fran is not the subject of this blog post, mud baths are. I have been wanting to try a mud bath for AGES!  Ever since I saw and episode of Rizzoli and Isles, where Jane (Rizzoli) and Maura (Isles) were having a girls day luxuriating in outdoor mud baths while drinking in wine and taking in amazing scenery.  It looked so glamorous and relaxing and grownup that I have wanted to try a mud bath ever since.  I guess I am fairly susceptible to advertising and the media...

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Weeks = 11, Adventures = 11 | San Francisco Bike Tour

Hey, Hi, Hello!  I hope everyone is doing good on this cold, rainy, blustery November night.  I am snuggled in at home tonight, reminiscing on one of my latest adventures ... a bike tour through San Francisco on a beautiful and sunny November day! Last week, I was lucky enough to spend the week in San Francisco, and I LOVED the city.  I had an amazing time wandering the city and really enjoyed having a chance to spend a lot of time with one of my sisters and my oldest friend.  And while I am so glad that I got to spend time with them in San Fran, my favorite part of the trip, by far, was a bike tour I took with Dylan's Tours.   Dylan's Tours is a local tour company in San Fran that does a variety of tours in San Fran and the greater San Fran area - both bike and van.  And I have to say, they were PHENOMENAL!  Their tour was one of the best tours I have ever done. But before I share how amazing the tour was, I need to fill you in on the pre-adventure adventure.

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Weeks = 7, Adventures = 6 | Backpacking

Hey There! I am so glad you came back and I cannot wait to tell you about my latest adventure! This past weekend, I had one of my top adventures ... I did something I have been wanting to do for YEARS ... I officially went backpacking!  It was as much fun as I imagined it would be and I cannot wait to go back!  I am so glad that I enjoyed it.  I had been worried that after years of wanting to try backpackingthat I wouldn't end up liking it.