Weeks = 13, Adventures = 13 | Apple Horseradish Soup

Last September/October I went to Germany to visit my good friend Liz and her daughter who live in Germany.  For 2 weeks we had an amazing time touring around Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.  It was a great couple of weeks, we saw the sights, drank good beer, and ate amazing food.

One night, we were in Rothenburg, a small town in Germany that is renowned for its Christmas Markets (though we were not there during Christmas market time).  This was our first full day on the road, and we spent an insane amount of time in traffic on the interstate and then wandered the city for hours!  Checking out the city wall, stores, museums, and had an amazing time sitting in square drinking mulled wine while Liz’s daughter ran around working off insane amounts of energy that only a toddler can possess!  Needless to say it was an amazing and exhausting day.

After a ghost tour through the town we were STARVING and we randomly wandered into a local restaurant (I dont even recall the name) and sat down to one of the BEST soups I have ever had.  The soup was an apple horseradish soup and I did not expect to like it, but it was amazing, creamy and tangy and unforgettable!  Now was it really the soup or an amazing dinner with a friend I hadnt had a chance to see for far too long, who knows.  But either way, it was an amazing soup that I have been thinking about for an entire year.

Since I have been home, I have been hunting for a recipe to recreate this soup.  It turns out that horeraddish soups are not the most common.  At least not in the states.  So I searched and searched and finally, after much procrastination, I found one that I thought sounded right.  And while it wasn’t perfect, it was close … with some modifications.  🙂

I adapted the recipe from – I added more vegetable broth and some half and half (half and half is NEVER a bad idea), I pureed the apples into the soup (versus serving them on top), and added too much horseradish (who actually measures?!).  With the modifications I made, it was pretty darn close to what I remebered.  Without the addition of extra vegetable broth and heavy cream it was a bit too thick, but with the additions, it was delicious and heartwarming.

Do I love this soup because it is that good?  Probably not, though it is a really good soup recipe and I think you should give it a try!  I think I really loved the soup, because I had it on a cold fall night, after a long day, over a glass of wine and great conversation with a dear friend.  So for me, this soup is a memory.

So my reccomendation to you – invite some friends over, pop over a bottle of wine, and catchup with your friends, especially ones you do not see often enough.  Its the right time of year for bringing people together. Eat, drink, and reconnect.


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