Weeks = 12, Adventures = 12 | Lady Gaga

Mum mum mum mah
Mum mum mum mah
Mum mum mum mah
Mum mum mum mah
Mum mum mum mah

I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please
Fold ’em, let ’em, hit me, raise it, baby, stay with me ….

Last week I went to see Lady Gaga rock it out and she did not disappoint!  It was an amazing show!!  Great songs, tons of dancing and movement around the arena, a positive and welcoming message, tons of costume changes, and 17K fun fellow Gaga fans to enjoy the evening with!

In general, I am a slow adopter.  It was years before I acquired a smart phone, and Gaga was no different. For me, early Gaga was just a little too much.  I definitely appreciate the lower key Gaga.  To her die-hard fans I am sure this is an unheard of insult!  I just found the fact that you didn’t really see her face for years to be insane.  And a little bit creepy…

But regardless, over the last several years, I became a Gaga convert and I have to say, I am now a borderline die-hard.  She has such and amazing message of inclusivity and acceptance; I honestly don’t understand how people cannot love her!!

Any way, back to the concert.  She was AMAZING!  I heard somewhere that she works out 4 hours a day to be able to have the endurance and stamina in order to perform.  I am not sure whether or not it is true, but I am inclined to believe it!  Her show is so physical, she is an incredible athlete in order to perform how she does on a routine basis!

All the costume changes were insane; I counted 10 in total (honestly, I could have missed some).  10 costume changes in 2 hours.  I feel like I barely wear 10 outfits in a week!  But bot Gaga, Gaga goes through 10 outfits in 2 hours.  Insane…

During her concert, we danced, we sang, and had an amazing time.  I did find her concert to be a little more mellow than I anticipated, but it was a lot of fun!  The one down side was a the letter she read to the crowd at the very end of the concert – it was a very moving and emotional letter from a fan.  It was also a very LONG letter.  Very long.  A little too long for a concert in my opionon, but I can only imagine how much it must have meant to the woman that wrote the letter, and to Gaga.

As I look back on it, I am not sure then concert was really adventure.  It wasnt too outside my normal comfort zone and it was something I would have done regardless of this challenge, but I for sure will be counting it as one of my 52!  I am learning that coming up with 52 adventures is going to be harder than I anticipated!  I think this concert counts more as a new experience, and maybe that does count.

I need to spend some time focusing on finding new experiences that will help me continue to grow and evolve and stretch my comfort zone.  Any ideas?

Until next time…


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