Weeks = 22, Adventures = 21 | Snow Tubing

Have you ever been snow tubing? If no, you need to rectify that as soon as possible. Seriously, quit reading and find your local ski resort. Though in Kentucky, I am not sure you can qualify our local ski slopes as a resort. We don't naturally get much snow and we don't have too much elevation to work with ... but even with all of those impediments, I had an AMAZING time going snow tubing. One Friday after work, an uncharacteristically warm Friday in January - it seriously was in the 50s, Jill and I headed to Perfect North Ski Slopes just outside of Cincinnati. There we met with the Explore Chicks for a fabulous Friday night of laughter and fun! Pre my arrival at Perfect North which was my first time at a ski slope since I was 11 and went on Girl Scout trip to Paoli Peaks where I had a terrible time and never made it off the bunny slopes - I was not a naturally athletic child. I can't really say that I am even a naturally athletic adult...

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Weeks = 20, Adventures = 20 | Macaroons

So my 20th adventure was a bit of a flop, maybe more than a bit.  I took a macaroon baking class, and in general I am good in the kitchen, but these macaroons were gross and ugly.  They were little the undesirable of the undesirable.  Usually, when I make something that is visually unappealing, I can comfort myself that it still tastes good.  That was not the case with these macaroons.  I cannot begin to describe how gross they tasted.  I don't know if we somehow messed up the batter or if my filling/shell ratio was off, or if I am just not a macaroon person.


Weeks = 19, Adventures = 19 | Floyd Street Stock Exchange

My next adventure took me to a live auction - have you ever been to one?  Before Thursday, I had not either and I gotta say, it was shockingly fun!  My favorite part, was getting to use the card with my auction number.  And no, I am not joking.  I gotta tell you it was fun to philosophically think about raising your paddle, and then raise it all nonchalant, while internally being super excited and nervous about bidding on your item!

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Weeks = 18, Adventures = 18 | Pottery Class

This past weekend I had a holiday outing with my college roommate, Julie.  Julie and I have known each other since we were 16, and lived together 3 out of the 4 years of college.  Our senior year we also lived with Amanda, our guest during the Gasthaus post!  We had an amazing time in college, and occasionally I think it would be a blast to go back to living in college housing ... and then I remember that I am old and would barely last a night any more.  Pretty much, every year since we graduated, Julie and I meet up for dinner and some sort of activity - with the aim of keeping our friendship strong and relevant.  This year, we met in Frankfort for a pottery class!  For an extremely reasonable rate, 2 artistically challenged people learned how to make some pottery, but it's probably more accurate to say that we learned how to make pottery with significant amounts of help.  


Weeks = 18, Adventures = 17 | Bounce Class

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's!  I am looking forward to 2018 and the adventures it will bring and I hope you are too!  Have you set a resolution for the year?  I know a lot of people opt not to set resolutions, but personally, I really like the idea of resolutions and fresh starts.  I know I know, you can reset whenever, but there is something about the start of a new year to take stock and refresh. For me, I want to focus on taking better care of myself in 2018 - mainly I want to find a better balance in my life by focusing more on mental and emotional well-being.  I spend too much time running around and not quite enough ensuring that my energy reserves are where they need to be.  Not sure that makes sense, but that is my goal for 2018.  While I know what I want to do, I am just not sure how to go about it.  Any suggestions?