Week 6, Adventures 5 | #Adventure Fail

Hey there and welcome back!

This past week, I fell of the adventure band wagon.  😦  Only 6 weeks in to my 52 week challenge and I dropped the ball…

However, instead of dwelling on my failure (which would be my typical MO), I got busy planning the next several weeks of adventures, including my make-up adventure!  The sad thing is, I had 2 adventures planned this week and plans simply fell through.

My initial plan was to head to a local auction which is held on the first Thursday of the month, but family obligations led to me being unable to attend.  Then, I figured I would head to a local speak easy that has just opened up, but, my friend who was going to go with me ended up not being able to go.  I know, I know, I should have gone by myself, but heading to a speak easy, by myself, on a Thursday night just didn’t sound like a ton of fun.  :/  It probably would have been a good adventure and would have totally taken me out of my comfort zone.

Any way, I ended up not going.  I almost used a cop-out event of heading to a local restaurant that I hadn’t been too before, but I decided it wasn’t different enough from my normal doings to really count.  So, I now sit down an adventure.  But, I will not be defeated, I will have more adventures soon!  My next adventure is this weekend and should be a blast.  And, it is something I have always wanted to do.  I cant wait to share the details. 🙂


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