Week 5, Adventure 5 | Photography Class

Happy Thursday!  Hope you are enjoying the start of fall, I know I am!  Though, fall in Louisville seems to have gotten off to a slow start…but since I am not a fan of winter, I can’t say I am complaining too much!

The warm fall has been advantageous for my adventure quest, as my latest adventure took me wandering through downtown as a participant in a street photography class.  I didn’t realize it at the time, though why I didnt realize it I really cannot say, but the goal of the class was to provide tips and tricks into expanding your passion and skill in street photography.  Since the class was title “street photography, ” I probably should have caught on, but alas I did not.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but I guess I was expecting more of a beginner photography class focused on how to capture the light and moment of an outdoor scene.  Which it sort of was, but all in all it was more heavily focused on the importnance of trusting your instincts and capturing waht interests you.  And there was definitely an underlying mantra of take a TON of pictures and you may get 1 good one.  But also, rememeber to stay in the moment and not to miss out on what is happening around you!

The people I took the class with where all really nice and the instructor was helpful. I was amazed at the cameras some folk had and I was especially shocked by the fact that the class instructor had 4 cameras on him during the class.  Some nice, some not as nice. And I swear, one of the cameras he had on him was an Olympus film camera from the 90s that I vividly remember my Mom owning, and I would wager some of your parents had this one too!  It was a silver, and the the middle slid to the side to reveal the lens… anyone else remembering this?!

Anyway, back to the class, so while I didnt have a ton of profound learnings, but the class did do the following for me:

  • Taught me about a ton of camera features on my phone (yes I used my phone more than my sister’s DSLR, and yes, everyone else used their fancy cameras)
  • Took me downtown for a walk on a beautiful fall evening
  • Allowed me to meet some new people and try something new (the entire purpose of this adventure after all!)
  • Remind me that I do indeed like photography and should make an effort to take more pictures, though I dont see a point in my life where I will ever carry 4 cameras at once!

While this wasnt my favorite adventure of the year, it was a good experience and I am glad that I took the class and tried something new!

Before I say goodbye, I am sure you are wondering (and who wouldnt be?!) at how my photos turned out.  I think it is safe to say that National Geographic wont be calling anytime soon, but I was pleasently suprised with what I was able to capture on my phone!  For your viewing pleasire, here are a fewer of my better ones … it will probably tell you something! 😉



See you soon!


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