Week 3, Adventure 3 | Borsalino

Happy Tuesday and I hope your week is off to a good start!

This week I had a mini adventure, but a delicious food related adventure!  (Which is always a good adventure in my opinion!  Is that just me?)

This week, I visited Borsalino, a local Bosnian coffee shop/restaurant.  A place I have passed dozens of times over the last several years, had always talked about wanting to try, but had yet to take that next step to stop in and try it out.  Sadly, another example of my consistent theme (and issue) of following through on things I say I want to do. :/  So, while it may have been a mini adventure, I felt like it fit nicely with my theme for this year!

I have always been a foodie, I love trying new restaurants, and I have yet to encounter any sort ethnic food that I haven’t liked.  Seriously, I havent found one I wasnt a fan of … Gambian – Yum.  Ethiopian – Yum. Korean – Yum. Indian – Yum. Peruvian – Yum.  And now I can happily say, Bosnian – YUM!!  My first experience with Bosnian food was super delicious and will totally have me coming back for more.  It also has me wanting to learn how to make Bosnian food at home.

I may have to do an ethnic food cooking class series as a part of my adventure year …  I have been trying to convince a friend to give me an Ethiopian cooking lesson, maybe I need to expand to other ethnicities?!?

Any way, back to Borsalino, at the recommendation of one of the owners, I had the homemade, 100% made from scratch spinach pie and it was amazing!  The spinach pie was a soft, flaky phyllo type of dough stuffed with spinach and cheese and arranged in a spiral shape.  I am totally not doing it justice, but trust me, you need to try it.  Seriously, you do.  I am not joking when I say, that when I was eating my pie at home, I was making yummy noises while eating my dinner … out loud “oh yums”…

I am not 100% sure on the official/traditional name for the spinach pie,  I should have asked what it was traditionally called, but alas, I forgot.  So, when I got home and realized I failed to ask, I did a quick Google search, and I think I found the official name – zeljanica.  Zeljanica was delicious – savory, creamy, and extremely well seasoned.

I rounded out my meal with baklava, which was also delicious, but for me, not near as scrumptious as the zeljanica.  I love off the beaten path ethnic restaurants; restaurants where everyone in the place is from the country of origin.  In my opinion, being in the minority is a fabulous indicator of delicious food.

So, this week’s adventure, was an adventure of delicious food and friendly shop owners.  Borsalino is definitely on my revisit list.  Let me know if you want to go … I definitely want to sample all of the super tasty looking pastries!  We could have a coffee and dessert date!! (They have some AMAZING look desserts that I want to try out!)


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