Weeks = 34, Adventures = 32 | Les Miserables

So this one is not a total adventure, but it’s still going to count!  🙂  So, if you know me, you know I really enjoy going to the theater – I am always so amazed by the talent of the actors and actresses.  I like all kinds of theater – I have season tickets to Actor’s Theater (a local theater) with one of my sisters and I so enjoy going!

While I love Actor’s, I also really enjoy musical theater and Louisville is a part of the Off Broadway series, I don’t have season tickets, but this year I was excited to make it to Les Miserables with my parents.  And oh my goodness, it was FABULOUS!  The set, the choreography, the music… especially the music!  The songs were all so moving and powerful, I loved it!  I am not a super sensitive person, but I was genuinely moved by the music and the story – it was incredibly powerful!

So between spending time with my parents and the phenomenal music, it was a great and lower key adventure!  if you get the chance, I recommend that you go and see Les Miserables, its ranking as one of the top musicals I have ever had the chance to see!



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