Weeks = 10, Adventures = 10 | Barre Class

For years I have heard people talk about barre class with almost religious fervor.  Those that go to barre classes on a consistent basis swear that is the best and most complete exercise out there, that EVERYONE should give it a try.  It has fanatical following up there with cross fit.  And like with cross fit, I am skeptical.  (I will be giving cross fit a try at some point this year.)

The women I know who attend barre class religiously tend to be the super feminine and fashionable, neither adjective is one I would use to describe myself.  So I had always stayed away from barre class under the assumption that barre wasn’t going to be for me.  I know, I know, I should be open-minded and not so judgemental, but hey, I am working on it!

Since my objective this year is to try new things and expand my comfort zone, I figured barre would be a good thing to put on my “to try” list.  Plus I was able to secure a Groupon to place that also offers aerial silk classes and trampoline classes.  Guess what you will be hearing about over the next few months?!

So this past week, I bit the bullet and enrolled in my first ever barre class.  And I was nervous about it.  Nervous that I would be as out-of-place at barre class with the super feminine, upper middle class ladies with endless disposable income as I was at my MMA class.

Turns out, I fit in better at barre class vs MMA class, which should have been a given simply by the fact that MMA is a male dominated, and barre female dominated!  But I did feel decidedly less “girlie” than the others ladies in my class, and I definitely was not as put together as the others in my class.  I was slightly more harried appearing rushing to class after work.

My class seemed filled with regulars, only one other lady and I were newbies.  But the instructor was very attentive and helpful, constantly walking around the room and checking form and posture.

I knew barre class would be difficult.  I mean, it is built off of the workout from ballerina’s and those ladies are tough!  I had also heard enough from friends and coworkers who have gone to know that it’s a killer workout, but I was not prepared for how hard it was going to be!  I had erroneously assumed that lifting weights 2x a week would have prepared me (at least some!) for the rigors of barre class.  And maybe it did a little, but I was still amazed at the difficulty and muscle pain associated with the small, targeted, movements and holds of barre!

I did a decent job staying with the glass, doing some modifications, but I did have to a couple of quick muscle breaks.  I was very glad once my hour was up, because I needed a break!

Did I enjoy barre?  Yes, I did.  I was really surprised at how quickly my hour passed!  And you really do get a total body muscular workout!  I didn’t notice much cardio, but it could be the class I selected.

Would I do it again?  Quite possibly, though the non-Groupon price may keep me from extending past my trail period.  Barre is seriously expensive!  I know all ’boutique’ workouts are, but I was shocked at the price, maybe I shouldn’t have been.  Where I went, prices range from $15 per class to an unlimited monthly rate of $138 (if you buy 12 months at once).  I don’t know if this is a standard price, but for me, I am not sure that I enjoyed it enough to want to do purchase a more sustaining membership.

My first foray to barre was a fun one and I am glad to say that I have tried it. But one visit was not enough to make me a die-hard barre supporter. Maybe I need to adjust my goal this year and do some longer running adventures?  A month of barre?  A month of jiu jitsu, just so I can get a better feel of things.

Something for me to think on…

Hope you are doing well and see you back next time!


2 thoughts on “Weeks = 10, Adventures = 10 | Barre Class

  1. I really enjoyed the 5 Barre classes I took a few years ago. It definitely wasn’t cardio, but I’m not sure it was as strenuous as you’ve described! I love hearing about your adventures, and am waiting impatiently to hear about your trip! LOL


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