Weeks = 22, Adventures = 21 | Snow Tubing

Have you ever been snow tubing? If no, you need to rectify that as soon as possible. Seriously, quit reading and find your local ski resort. Though in Kentucky, I am not sure you can qualify our local ski slopes as a resort. We don’t naturally get much snow and we don’t have too much elevation to work with … but even with all of those impediments, I had an AMAZING time going snow tubing.

One Friday after work, an uncharacteristically warm Friday in January – it seriously was in the 50s, Jill and I headed to Perfect North Ski Slopes just outside of Cincinnati. There we met with the Explore Chicks for a fabulous Friday night of laughter and fun! Pre my arrival at Perfect North which was my first time at a ski slope since I was 11 and went on Girl Scout trip to Paoli Peaks where I had a terrible time and never made it off the bunny slopes – I was not a naturally athletic child. I can’t really say that I am even a naturally athletic adult…

Any way, I really had no clue what to expect since I had never really been on a ski slope and definitely had never been snow tubing. But, what I expected, wasn’t pre-made sled runs that rolled gently down some small hills. The runs reminded me of the rainbow run slides at amusement parks when we were kids, you know the ones I am talking about, the slides where you would hop in your potato sack and race your family and friends to the bottom. Please tell me, I am not the only one who remembers these fondly, and if you don’t I feel like you had a deprived childhood. 😉

To get up to the top of the artificial snow / ice ‘slides’ you hopped on a conveyor belt that toted you and your tube to the top of the various runs – where we went, there were 3 different hills you could choose from – varying heights and inclines. Once you hop off at your desired location, you make your way to the sled runs, where a worker is posted there to help you to hop on and give you a nudge down the run. While it wasn’t the biggest adrenaline rush ever, you really would have to struggle to fall off, it definitely got the heart bumping and unless you are a total stick in the mud, laughter flowing.

I was amazed at how quickly you can slide down an ice run on an inner tube before skidding to a halt in a pebble run (an area designed to slow you down safely). You really move down the hill! In case you are curious, there are many ways you can go down the hill … in a chain with your family and friends, racing down parallel tracks, on your back, on your belly … so many options and each more fun than the next! And snow tubing really attracts all kinds and all ages, so if you haven’t been, you need to go and bring your family and friends. If you cannot have fun snow tubing, I think it’s a you problem, not a snow tubing problem! 😉

So, my recommendation – make plans to try it.  You wont regret it.

Until next time.


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